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About the Multifactory network

If you belong to a shared workspace into the network you will find an eiwindow in a common area.

You just go to the coffee-break area, or to the café, and you can see other people from another space, talk to them, exchange ideas, give and get suggestions on what you’re doing.

Each ewindow is open all day long between two spaces. If there are two persons close to the two windows, they can talk and interact.

If people want to meet in front of the ewindow, they act exactly as if they would plan to meet someone at the bar:

A – meet people by chance: you go, take a coffee, and start talking to someone you don’t know, or someone you know and who is taking a coffee at the same time

B – you send a message to someone and just say “see you in 5 minutes at the e-window”

About the Multifactory Model

Our use of the ewindow is the result of a 4 years reasearch.You can have a look here:

The Research